The Future
belongs to
those who
think about it

We're a global collective of over 300 early-adopters, culture-makers, thought-leaders, experienced-innovators, and investors.

We work with brands, agencies, and consultancies in different ways that help drive innovation, meaningful audience + cultural understanding, and actionable insights that help our partners separate from the clutter and deepen their relationship with their audiences.

We discover, research, and validate emerging trends powered by collective intelligence, imagination, and a vision for a better future for brands, humans, and planet.

Diverse global perspectives and voices from the US, Canada, UK, South East Asia, China, Africa, South America, and Europe.

Thousands of signals across across 28 channels representing #aesthetics, #fashion-beauty, #ideology, #placemaking-migrations, #relationships, and more.

Boundary-pushing processes leveraging the ‘wisdom of the DAO’ and web3 technologies to conduct decentralized research and innovation.

Our members include leaders from across the forefront of technological, cultural and research institutions as well as grassroots creators and early adopters

Our recent work



We unlock a global collective of researchers, strategists, and audiences to answer questions, explore the future of your category (and brand), and deliver bespoke reports & presentations for your internal teams.
  • Custom signal channels
  • Access to TL;DR themed gardens
  • Signals sessions & events
  • 48 hour research sprints
  • Focused deep dives
  • Expert interview scouting
  • Expert interview scouting


Analyse, research and engage with audiences to create stimulus for partners’  teams. New technologies, prototyping future products, or concept ideation to solve business challenges we can help you get there.
  • Decentralisation workshops
  • Applied ideation & Cultivation sessions
  • Brief creation and innovation sprints

What people say about us

"RADAR allows me to participate in a hivemind of collective intelligence and soundboard emerging ideas. It's my favorite space on the internet."
Sarah Owen
Global Trends Director. Soon Futures
"RADAR's community is diverse and smart and an active experiment in sense-making at the edge of tomorrow that you can't help but pay attention to."
Alex Daish
Venture Designer. Founders Factory
"RADAR's diverse lineup of speakers helped me broaden my horizons and find inspiration outside of my usual sources. This brought a unique and refreshing perspective to trends and cultural signals and the process allowed me to unleash my creativity and produce practical takeaways."
Michelle Lora
Founder. Siesta
"RADAR re-situates you from a mere observer seeking to understand and capitalize on trends, to an equal an agent, a citizen, a builder, capable of contributing to and shaping the world we live in."
Andrea Chen
Planning Director. BBH

want to collaborate with us?

We work with our partners to craft a custom brief based on the scope, team, and output. We'll curate a bespoke team right for the task and supercharge it with community

  • Brands - we can work directly with in-house teams to deliver our research and strategic deliverables.
  • Agencies - we can partner with agencies on client projects and accounts
  • Consultancies - we can collaborate with trend, research and management consultancies to strengthen their futures thinking capabilities.
  • Founders - we can work with founders to help research, position and innovate on new projects and brands
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