Field Guide to the Future

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Better futures begin as cracks in the fabric — and they’re everywhere, if you know where and how to look.

This field guide is the accidental lovechild of RADAR, born from enthusiastic threads about life today and into the future.

We’ve been accelerating better futures as a community, but we’re eager to take that mission out into the world. After all, it's our view that all of us should take ownership of the better futures that lie ahead – and that, through multiplayer mode, the unimaginable can become the ordinary.

In the Field Guide, you'll find essays, activities, self-reflection, collective imagination, and tools for foresight that can be enjoyed by amateurs and pros alike. Most importantly, we hope that by adventuring through the pages, you’ll find something that stokes your imagination and makes the future part of your curious pursuits.

We believe that the future belongs to those who think about it. And we'd love for you to do it with us.

A Note on Pricing

Profits from the Field Guide will be used to equitably compensate the RADAR contributors who brought this project to life, with the remaining funds circulating back into the community to further our mission of accelerating better futures in multiplayer mode.

As we say in the Field Guide, if the future really does belong to those who think about it (and we believe it does), then that future should include more, and we mean way more, of the population than it does today.

We’ve priced our digital copy intentionally — with the belief that by investing just a bit of skin in the game, you commit yourself to spending time and space with what’s inside (and a little bit of numerology too: did you know 555 is an angel number that says ‘change is imminent; be hopeful’) — but if this is still a hurdle for you, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Accidentally Born in 2023

Created by: Keely Adler, Caitlin Keeley, Jay Matthews & Domingo Beta, Fancy & the RADAR Community
Edited by: Brianne Johnson
Published by:
Colour Code Printing

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Digital Field Guide

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